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Are you currently enrolled or about to embark on a PhD in particle physics research (incl. computing for physics) in a Member State or Non-Member State University that is member of the CERN ATLAS collaboration (see list of universities at: http://cern.ch/go/7Tkl (link is external) ) and you are interested in carrying out your thesis within the ATLAS collaboration?
Deadline to submit applications incl. references: 18 May 2018
Job Reference: ATLAS-PhD-2018
Closing date: 18/05/2018

Role Description
We are excited to announce the creation of a dedicated grant scheme (thanks to a donation from Fabiola Gianotti and Peter Jenni following their award from the Fundamental Physics Prize foundation) to encourage young and high-caliber doctoral students in particle physics research (including computing for physics) and permit them to obtain world class exposure, supervision and training within the ATLAS collaboration.
This special PhD Grant is aimed at graduate students preparing a doctoral thesis in particle physics (incl. computing for physics) to spend one year at CERN followed by one year support also at the home Institute. Candidates may already have a thesis subject defined with their home university OR they may be looking for a thesis subject.

Required Documents (in addition to the application form)
Once your application has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation e-mail which contains a link to the CERN Report on candidate form. You must forward this link to two referees. Students must also upload their CV, their Masters Diploma, a motivation letter, their proof of enrollment in a collaborating university and a statement of research interests in order for their application to be considered. Candidates should also provide a letter from the ATLAS group leader of the Institute they will join, stating that they will accept to supervise the thesis (could be one of the referees).

Candidates who are missing one of these documents by the deadline will not be considered during the selection process.

Particle Physics (incl. Computing for Physics)

Eligibility conditions
You are enrolled at a university that is a member of the ATLAS collaboration (see list of universities: http://cern.ch/go/7Tkl (link is external))
You have started or are about to start a doctoral programme.
Your work envisaged at CERN is part of the thesis work required to obtain your PhD. Daily supervision of the student during the period at CERN will be the responsibility of a CERN Member of Personnel. The award of the degree remains the responsibility of the applicant's university.
You have a good knowledge of English OR French.
The Grant will cover 2 years funding of the PhD thesis, specifically one year at CERN (at a rate of CHF 3.679/month) and one year at the home institute at a reduced rate.

What We Offer
A monthly living allowance to cover the expenses of a single person in the Geneva area.

Selection Procedure
Applications are considered by a dedicated Selection Committee held at CERN. Results are communicated after the Committee. Eligible candidates should complete the eRT application including:

- A motivation letter
- A statement of research interest
- A CV
- 2 references
- Letter of confirmation from the ATLAS group leader to accept supervision of the thesis work (could be one of the referees)
- Diploma
- Proof of enrolment in a collaborating university

Selection committee: Summer 2018

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